Don’t burn after reading!

If there’s something that can destroy a whole organization this is, with no doubt, a bad communication. if we have a bad external communication (with customers, suppliers, etc…) we have a big problem that must be solved quickly. But if we have a bad internal communication, we don’t have a problem, we are in a fine mess (maybe it’s time to call Mr. Wolf).

When a bad communication (or absence of it) has become part of the organizational culture, it’s the moment to make a rest, breathe deeply and try to solve the situation. If we are capable to do this, we may be able to avoid many troubles.

Bad communication consequences.

Bad communication consequences.

But, is there anything even worse than a bad communication? Yes. Have it and do not realize, so we won’t be conscious of the situation and we won’t make the appropriate decisions to solve it. You can ask George Clooney, Brad Pitt or John Malkovich and their characters in “Burn after reading“, where a bad communication destroys all their lives dramatically.

The main barrier when facing a bad communication is that it joins so progressively that it is really difficult to realize. The first consequences will be disturbing but not catastrophic (be late to a meeting, a telephone argument, an order which is late…), but slowly it will escalate becoming more complicated and difficult to solve situations (a big argument with the boss while everybody sees, bad coordination within departments, or even a headshot… among others).

So if you don’t want that your organization, your employees or even you end up like Brad Pitt inside a wardrobe, make sure to have a proper communication with your environment, both internal and external.



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